Don’t just get a deck.
Get funded.

Our pitch decks have raised over $4 billion since 2009.

Investors see hundreds – even thousands – of pitch decks (venture capital) and pitch books (private equity) every year. Yours should be unique, persuasive, professional. If you are raising above $2 million, you need the Pitch Deck Writer team.

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It all starts with research. We take a deep dive into your company. Everything we can learn. Even if you are a pre-revenue startup. Then, we start looking at your addressable market opportunity. Competitive landscape. Traction. We have partners at the ready for financial models and valuation reports

For Funds we help develop a clear and compelling investment thesis. Take your raw materials and trim them down. (It’s not uncommon for us to turn an 80-slide pitch book into 25 slides or even fewer). Emphasize the Fund’s leadership and track record. 



Investor presentations are a very specific marketing product. They are meant to be visual stories, not white papers. A balance must be struck between overly simplified and too dense and technical. An investor should be able to flip through your deck in under 10 minutes. You should be able to present it in 20. There needs to be a Big Idea, a hook, an angle that grabs the investor’s attention in the first 15 seconds. Then, you expand on that, check all the boxes, and close with a call to action. Getting capital means selling your story. You’ve asked for the investor’s time. Now make the most of it.


We have helped research, design, and author over 2,000 presentations since the 1990s. Since going solo, Pitch Deck Writer and its parent company Launch Module have directly contributed to over $4 billion in capital raised.

We work directly with clients at the C-suite level. We are experienced, professional, innovative (ask us about our Figma presentations option), responsive. We are used to working against deadlines. We communicate, we don’t make excuses, we deliver at the highest level.

We are disabled-Veteran owned, and we have helped all kinds of companies. Literacy charities, tech startups, hedge funds. Green energy, biotech, real estate and construction. Crypto, blockchain, web3, NFTs. In the unlikely event we haven’t touched your industry yet, we will learn it in 30 days.